There is no tool more powerful than storytelling; it has been a form of communication since the beginning of time. Business storytelling harnesses the power of the story, captivating your audience with empathy whilst bringing them to the edge of their seats, hungry to learn more.

“Scratch the surface in a typical boardroom and we’re all just cavemen with briefcases, hungry for a wise person to tell us stories.” – Alan Kay, Hewlett-Packard executive and co-founder of Xerox PARC

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Business Storytelling: It’s an Affair

While there are many frameworks that can be used to develop stories, dating is a great analogy where business storytelling is concerned. Imagine you are at a party and across the room you see someone you are attracted to. As dating demographics go, they are a perfect match. You’re introduced. You meet for dates. Conversation starts with sharing common interests before getting more personal, more intimate, more passionate.

Business storytelling is much like the dating analogy; Companies & brands need to talk about shared interests and values. As the relationship grows, your story can begin to include peeks into the lifestyle behind your brand before projecting that lifestyle as your products & services to your now captivated audience; the process is an art form.

The Art of Storytelling

▶ Character ▶ Conflict ▶ Resolution

Effective storytelling needs to ooze empathy whilst tapping away on those things that personally motivate your audience. The message has to be relevant but not a pitch or hardsell. This is about wrapping your product or service up as a lifestyle option & providing some sort of solution to make your customer’s lives easier.

With our roots in live events, our work is all about creating live experiences that form a narrative to be shared. Storytelling & visual communications are like peas in a pod while live event production elevates your story across all five senses. In this information-saturated age, storytelling is one of the most effective ways for brands to be heard.

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How far down the dating timeline are you with your Brand + Consumer relationship? If you are planning a campaign in Thailand let’s work together to craft a cliffhanger that is exciting, suspenseful, original & educational. Contact us today to get started on your story.

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