Promotional Products

Don’t stuff swag bags with promotional products, gifts & giveaways that no-one wants. We help brands & clients find, customize & personalize quality branded gifts that capture the spirit of your brand whilst also being sustainable, handmade or built-to-last.

Promotional Products & Giveaways as part of your Marketing Mix:
The Goal is to Attract Customers and Create Brand Appeal.


Of People Who Receive Promotional Products Use Them in their Daily Lives.


Of People Do Business with the Advertiser after Receiving a Promotional Item.


Of people who received a promotional item remembered the name of the company.

Why Invest in SWAG?

Effective Audience Targeting
Brand messages reach intended audiences effectively.

Extended Marketing Reach
Every time the product is displayed, used or shared, the word is spread.

Unforced Advertising
Engage with Consumers at their pace with no unsolicited advertising;

Greater Memory Recall
Brand Exposure + Brand Experience = Greater Memory Recall.

Meaningful Advertising
Engage & influence with promotional products that are relevant to your consumers.

The Power of Promotional Products

Digital marketing experts estimate that consumers can be exposed to anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements each day. We are bombarded by advertising via a growing array of media channels; commercials, print, brand labels, Facebook, Google, ads on phones & on-wards.

The consumer advertising experience is no longer enjoyable. An increasing number of people are taking steps to avoid being interrupted & distracted by ads; ad-blocking software on mobiles & desktops & paying for ad-free services (i.e. Netflix). Shaping, inspiring & transforming consumers through advertising is becoming an ever more challenging exercise.

Branded merchandise:

  • Yields high brand recall,
  • Is an excellent awareness tactic,
  • Can help to significantly improve conversions when used as an incentive.

The ability to physically touch a branded item or participate in a brand-sponsored event, for example, cannot be replaced with digital marketing.

Most Popular Promotional Products

ZiZ Asia Bags Branding Word Cloud


Backpacks, Drawstrings, Duffels, Totes, Pouches, Tags

ZiZ Asia Drinkware Branding Word Cloud


Water Bottles, Mugs, Tumblers, Glass

ZiZ Asia Office Branded Products


Notebooks, Journals, Pens, Desk Accessories

ZiZ Asia Branded Tech Products


Chargers, Audio, Tech Accessories

ZiZ Asia Apparel Branding Word Cloud


T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, Activewear, Polos, Outerwear, Accessories

ZiZ Asia Eco Branded Products


Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers, Lip Balm, Lotion & Sunscreen, Fitness, Spa, Conference Survival Packs

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