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A Full Service Bangkok Event Management Company, we produce seamless Corporate Events for Companies, Brands & Associations. Our Events are designed to Shape Beliefs, Inspire Action & Transform Performance.

“First, have a definite, clear practical ideal; a goal, an objective. Second, have the necessary means to achieve your ends; wisdom, money, materials, and methods. Third, adjust all your means to that end.” – Aristotle

Bangkok Corporate Event Management

It’s undisputed that events are the single most effective channel for achieving business goals. But, compared to other marketing campaigns, corporate events have many moving parts.

The pace of change in the live event arena is also electrifying, driven by technological advancement & innovation. It is critical that each individual facet is evaluated so that informed decisions can be made towards creating an event design experience that attendees will value & share.

Successful management depends on defining your overarching goals, knowing your audience and identifying the metrics that will be used to benchmark the event’s success.These must be laid down before venues are booked, any event marketing (websites, email & social media marketing, etc) can be implemented or registration opened.

Planning for Success

It’s never too early to start planning. For full management projects we normally start planning corporate events with clients over a year in advance. Why? Hosting an event is like starting a new business or launching a new product; they require a business model and a detailed execution strategy.

Much like a business or product launch, event management also requires an in-depth knowledge of all stakeholders involved; their needs, requirements and expectations. What solutions you are intending to present that solve problems currently faced by your audience. What changes in behaviour you are intending to achieve.

These insights are what we need to create an inclusive event design strategy that is crafted to fulfill the objectives of each stakeholder and geared for success by ultimately changing behaviours.

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Nothing beats live events and never has the need for lifelong learning in the corporate world been more apparent than now. If you are planning a physical or virtual corporate event we would love to support you. Drop us a message today and let’s get started.

Our Corporate Events


We have been behind some of Thailand’s most high profile conferences including APEC CEO Summit in 2003 and more latterly, the ASEAN Summits of 2019. Clients span Government Agencies, Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) & Multi-national Companies.

Executive Retreats

We have produced many multi-day executive retreats throughout Thailand, in Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and as far afield as China. These are opportunities for members of Organisations and Teams to come together to learn, form strategies & solve problems.

With the right design, planning & resources, corporate retreats are highly effective vehicles & valuable time spent.


No corporate meetings are too big or too small. We assist our clients with suitable venues, AV hire &amp equipment rental, catering & any post meeting event activities required.

In Bangkok, we offer a wide range of meeting room venues from the predictable to more unusual.

Award Shows

Award ceremonies & shows are one of our favourite event types to organize. We have represented organisations such as the Young Presidents’ Organization among many other companies & brands, helping them to ensure that their award ceremony in Thailand is memorable for all concerned and shared widely online.

For Award Shows in Thailand, we offer venue selection, planning & design, theme development, production, catering, entertainment … our full and complete logistical support.

Dinner Talks

We continue to frequently produce corporate dinner talk for e.g. Harvard Business School of Thailand. Our dinner talks are typically attended by around 200 guests and feature a guest speaker or panel of industry leaders.

Gala Dinners

Many of the conferences we have worked on culminate in Gala Dinners and we also work with Organisations & Associations who host annual gala dinners.

Our Gala Dinner services include Planning, Theme & Design, Venue selection, Production, Entertainment & Booking Agency, Trophies, Gifts & Giveaways & more.

Company Parties

There aren’t many better ways for a company to show its appreciation to its teams & staff than by throwing a company party.

We support companies of all sizes, helping to find the right venue for their party, theme & design, catering, entertainment & any other requirements that our clients have to ensure that their objectives are met.

Bangkok Corporate Event Services

Each and every corporate event has its own unique objectives and, therefore, requirements. Listed below are just some of the services we provide to our corporate clients in Thailand & beyond. We are specialist event designers meaning that the needs of each & every stakeholder involved in your event are addressed and catered for. This is what sets us very far apart from more mainstream event companies.

ZiZ Asia Corporate Parties

Event Design

The success of your corporate event is almost entirely dependent on the quality of event design; who the stakeholders are and their exacting needs. Our Event Design is what sets us apart.

Concert Production Technology


Technology is now conjoined with event engagement. Corporate events have adapted to more interactive formats both during sessions & breaks. We have the solutions you need.

ZiZ Asia Event Logistics


We plan seamless corporate events starting on arrival at the airport to departure. Venues, Accommodation, Transport, Catering, etc can all be included along with VIP services as required.

ZiZ Asia Private Parties


Indoors or alfresco, grand ballrooms to black box venues, we have the right venues for all aspects of your corporate event; daytime & evening program.

ZiZ Asia Event Production


A Bangkok event company, we offer stage, audio, lighting & AV rentals supported by a highly experienced, professional, English speaking production crew.

ZiZ Asia Projection Mapping


The advance of event technology is electrifying & engages audiences before, during & after events. We help provide clients with websites & Apps, AR, VR, MR + Hologram.

ZiZ Asia Event Entertainment


Experienced international booking agents, we book performers for all event types & budgets. Contact us to book bands, singers, ensembles, acrobats, cultural acts & more.

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