A Bangkok Event Company, ZiZ Asia has produced events (Conferences, Corporate Retreats, Product Launches, Private Parties & more) from Beijing to Bangkok & beyond. We bring International Experience, Project Management & an Event Design Formula that Achieves Desired Outcomes.

“What we’re really trying to do is engage with the consumer community so deeply, that they begin to take on the task of evangelizing the brand themselves.” – David Rich

Events We Design

A Bangkok Event Company, our focus is on producing Corporate Events, Promotional Events &amp’ Exclusive Private Parties.

ZiZ Asia Conferences

Corporate Events

Conferences, Meetings, Gala Dinners, Award Ceremonies, Corporate Retreats, Company Parties … more

Promotional Events

Promotional Events

Grand Openings, Product Launches, Brand Activations, Fashion Shows, Experiential Marketing, Bangkok Street Teams, … more

ZiZ Asia Private Parties

Private Party Planning

VIP Events, Private Concerts & Recitals, Birthdays & Anniversaries, Themed Events, Reunions … more

Designing Events for Success

No matter how big or small, the success of any event is entirely dependent on the quality of event planning that was invested into it. It is never too early to start planning. But what is an event and how do you measure it’s success?

It’s never too early to start planning …

What is an event? An event is a meeting of two or more people or groups of people. By definition, every person involved in the event must have something at stake; they are present because they are expecting to gain something from being there.

How do you measure success? There are obvious Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as registration & tickets sold. But what happens when, in the early stages of planning, you analyse the personas of each and every stakeholder involved and assess their expectations, needs & requirements; their journey? A whole new set of KPI’s emerges which will enable you to truly gauge the success of your event.

The primary focus for some event planners is logistics. While the devil is certainly in the detail, logistics along with production and all the other big elements, must come after you have systematically defined your KPI’s.

Empathy forms the backbone of our technique and enables us to:

  • Manipulate & influence the behaviour of attendees.
  • Deliver a series of unique experiences that spur people to action.

When done correctly, it becomes very clear why live events remain the most powerful vehicle for brand engagement today.


Event Design

Event Design is a misunderstood process. It includes visual design but before starting on those details, we need to define the make-up of the event; the needs of each & every stakeholder involved.

Equipment Rentals

We give you access to top class stage, audio & lighting rentals, complete with professional, experienced production crew. At least one member of the production team will be fluent in English language.

Event Management

A Bangkok event company, we offer our clients a complete, full service event management & logistics solution from airport arrival to departure. We are also very happy to manage specific aspects of your event.


Bands, Musicians, Singers & Ensembles, Acrobats & many other artists & performers that can be matched to your brand, occasion or event. Local & International Performing Artists.

Bangkok Event Company Services

Each and every corporate event has its own unique objectives and, therefore, requirements. Listed below are just some of the services we provide to our corporate clients in Thailand & beyond. We are specialist event designers meaning that the needs of each & every stakeholder involved in your event are addressed and catered for. This is what sets us very far apart from more mainstream event companies.

ZiZ Asia Corporate Parties

Event Design

The success of your corporate event is almost entirely dependent on the quality of event design; who the stakeholders are and their exacting needs. Our Event Design is what sets us apart.

Concert Production Technology


Technology is now conjoined with event engagement. Corporate events have adapted to more interactive formats both during sessions & breaks. We have the solutions you need.

ZiZ Asia Event Logistics


We plan seamless corporate events starting on arrival at the airport to departure. Venues, Accommodation, Transport, Catering, etc can all be included along with VIP services as required.

ZiZ Asia Private Parties


Indoors or alfresco, grand ballrooms to black box venues, we have the right venues for all aspects of your corporate event; daytime & evening program.

ZiZ Asia Event Production


A Bangkok event company, we offer stage, audio, lighting & AV rentals supported by a highly experienced, professional, English speaking production crew.

ZiZ Asia Projection Mapping


The advance of event technology is electrifying & engages audiences before, during & after events. We help provide clients with websites & Apps, AR, VR, MR + Hologram.

ZiZ Asia Event Entertainment


Experienced international booking agents, we book performers for all event types & budgets. Contact us to book bands, singers, ensembles, acrobats, cultural acts & more.

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