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We offer carefully crafted content writing for websites & print work. Our wordsmiths create written content for companies & brands including blogs, articles, white papers & more.

‘Content is king and the audience are the king-makers!’
Does Your Content Consistently Solve Your Audience’s Problem?

What Type of Content Writing Do You Need?

Content Writers

Content Writers specialize in informing or educating your audience. Their gift is in making an audience think & in producing sales material which reads as an article. Content writers produce blog posts, articles, ebooks, white papers and case studies for both print & online use.

Copy Writers

Copywriters create advertisement material and are often referred to as “Sales Writers”. Past masters at creating urgency and inspiring deep feelings, copywriters create ads, email marketing, sales pages, landing pages and brochures. They work with both print and online publication.

Content Writing Facts & Figures

80% of your audience will read your headline. How many read your article depends on the quality of your titles. It can be as low as 20%;

58% of marketers say that ‘original written content’ is their most important digital asset (Social Media Examiner);

51% of online content consumption derives from organic search (Kuno Creative);

(62%) DemandMetric found that content marketing costs 62% less than traditional advertising whilst delivering 3 x as many leads.

Communication is a 2-Way Process

Is Your Content Hitting a 1-Way Street?

Carefully composed website content enhances sales, boosts SEO rankings & engages audiences whilst also attracting new prospects.

Creating content is a strategic process and, as with all processes, need’s to be planned. Content published under the umbrella of your brand needs to be useful to your audience, whether its a blog post, article, landing page or otherwise.

Your website is your shop window, demonstrating your industry expertise. With a well planned content strategy, it will attract new customers, generate leads & maintain awareness among your existing client base.

Fuel Your Content Strategy with Experienced Native English Speaking Content Writers

We work with your team to research & shortlist blog topic ideas before getting to work. It is vital that your brand’s personality & voice is preserved in each of the written articles, and we need to work closely with with marketing & communications team to ensure your brand’s qualities are maintained & that completed works meet your (& our) high standards.

Our team of writers adapts to different industries & has years of experience tackling more complex and/or regulated industry verticals (i.e. FinTech & Pharma). They are adept at mapping your purchaser’s journey based on the objectives of your brand & strategy. As with face-to-face marketing campaigns & events, it is in our DNA to generate content that fulfills your brief & expectations entirely.

Our Content Writing Services

ZiZ Asia Blog Content Writing

Content Writing

Blog posts, articles, interviews, eBooks, White Papers, Case Studies.

ZiZ Asia Copy Writing

Copy Writing

Website copy, sales collateral, landing pages, brochures, Infographics, product descriptions.

Brand Journalism

Brand Journalism

Brand stories, Interviews, Customer Stories, Press Releases, Company Bios.

Content Writing Translation


English is our native language and all our content is generated in English but why not take it to the next level and have us translate your content into Thai, Mandarin Chinese & on wards? Open new markets, expand your market reach & grow your business with multi-lingual content marketing.

Content Creation Writers

Content Writers

Content writing is about providing something meaningful to readers. Content writers are not limited to pieces just for reading. Their words can be seen or heard; from long-form content to script writing. They deal with real facts.

Our content writers are adept at creating pieces that inform and educate audiences. They feed on research and statistics to produce articles that read like prose but which are infused with a strong sales message or thought trigger.

We produce pieces mainly for online use such as blog posts, articles, ebooks, white papers and case studies.

Copy Writers

Copy writers are the acrobats of the writing world, the contortionist scribes. Copywriters create advertisement materials, the sales collateral that generates leads & conversions.

Often referred to as “sales writers”, they are skilled at connecting blocks of information so that the reader moves fluidly from one to another down the funnel.

The Copywriter’s ultimate goal is to persuade your customer to buy your product. They do this in as few words as possible. They include strong adjectives and action verbs. They create urgency and inspire deep feelings.

To be effective, our copy writers need access to details and data to help them craft messages that fit the overall strategy and objective of the campaign.

Brand Journalism

Brand Journalists are storytellers and brand ambassadors. Tackling the PR angle with Brand Stories, Press Releases and Company Bios, our Bangkok Brand Journalists are also available to conduct interviews for online end use.

Brand Journalism is about showing your brand in the most positive light via long-form content creation and human interest pieces. Brand journalists also tend to be wizards at creating compelling headlines that inspire click-throughs and shares.

Business Writers

The role of the business writer is to create articles & media that informs. Language and tone is typically professional, simple & easy-to-read. Our business writers are verse with corporate structures & mechanisms and produce eBooks & White Papers.

Types of Content Writing

Blog Posts

Connect with Audiences, Build Relationships & Increase Conversions. Blog weekly with integrated images & video clips. Our professional blog writing services include subject / topic & keyword research.

Our blog writers are specialists at creating engaging content. Blogs are factual and our native English speaking writers research the topics they are writing about extensively.

We will also happily work with our clients to develop blog posts that fit your SEO strategy or research appropriate keywords for each article.

Long-form Content

If you goal is to increase subscribers, creating ‘free’ long-form online content is one of the most effective ways of doing it. Think about it – you publish the first compelling article of a series with a prominent call-to-action: “Subscribe! When the next chapter of our guide comes out, we’ll let you know!”


eBooks are powerful lead magnets and can quickly build mailing lists for your sales, marketing & communications departments.

In today’s crowded, content-heavy online ecosystem, good eBooks need to:

  • Be worthwhile to capture your customers’ attention;
  • Be well written and aligned with business goals;
  • Inform and educate your target audience and bolster your brand’s reputation as a leader in your space;
  • Break down complex ideas into simple concepts for readers (today’s ebooks have become less word intensive and more visual)
  • Present information in a simple, friendly way that is easy to understand;

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