Manchester United Activation Bangkok 2014

Event Title / Theme: Bangkok Manchester United DHL Activation
Event Date: December, 2014
Venue: Bangkok Sports Stadium
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Number of Attendees: 1,000's
Attendee Profile: Manchester United Football Fans

An Activation within an Activation

In December 2014, Manchester United staged a brand activation for its Thai fans in Bangkok. We were contacted by the brand agency representing the team, and tasked with managing the DHL (official event sponsor) dome. The activation was staged at a sports stadium in northern Bangkok and featured branded inflatable domes, side shows, a friendly match, celebrity appearances and a live concert.

Event Services Provided

Representing a London-based Branding Agency, our white label services included a high volume green screen photo booth, performing artists & event staff for this promotional event in Bangkok.

Green Screen Photo Booth

The DHL inflatable dome housed our Social Media Enabled Green Screen Photo Booth, with over 500 photos taken & printed per day. Attendees could choose their preferred background (high resolution licensed images from Manchester United). Fans branded images were automatically uploaded to their social media platforms and fans also received the photo in hardcopy as a memento.

The green screen booth was very popular and we were able to provide our client with measurable data post event.

Performing Artists

In keeping with both the event and the venue we provided a team of Freestyle Footballers who, aside from giving performances and demonstrations, were also required to interact with and include the event’s visitors.

Event Staff

We provided a crew of brand ambassadors & event staff for the 1-Day activation to promote the DHL dome and support the services being offered within.

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Commissioned by one of London’s most respected branding agencies, we were tasked to setup & manage the following services for the DHL Activation:

  • Provide and run a high volume green screen photo booth using branded photo backgrounds provided by client. Capture social media data as part of flow (pre GDPR days). Fans kept their photos (instant printing) as souvenirs.
  • Provide various performing artists including football freestylers to perform as per schedule.
  • Bilingual Event Staff to assist client as and when required during the 2 day event..


For the green screen booth we needed to design for volume. We contracted a fixed green screen to be constructed complete with chroma-key paint. Our in-house photographer was supported by dye sub printers and appropriate software to achieve instant conversion, print and giveaway.

In addition to the green screen booth we also provided local freestyle footballers and event staff.


Fans were happy as they took home souvenirs from the event in the form of physical photos and also digital photos that they could share. We achieved this by asking fans to login to their Facebook accounts before collecting their hard copy photo. Today measures would need to be taken regarding privacy but this feature remains available. We were running at a capacity of around 550 - 600 printed photos per day from a single booth.

For a lucky few, there was also an opportunity to meet and be photographed with some of the ManU players who were attending the event; a lifelong memory.

The football freestylers were a fun addition and played to the audience while our event staff were on-hand to ensure the smooth running of all components.

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