Hotel Grand Opening BB Phuket

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Event Title / Theme: Stay Unordinary
Event Date: Feb 2015
Venue: BB Resort Phuket
Location: Phuket, Thailand
Number of Attendees: 500 +
Attendee Profile: Local & International Personalities, High Net Worth Invitees, Press

Event Entertainment for the Stars

BB Phuket opened with grand fanfare in February 2015. The concept for the resort was a luxury boutique hotel, combined with poolside beach lounges an gourmet restaurant. The brainchild of international property developer Johan Hansen (CEO, Beach Projects), the guest list for the opening party read like a Who’s Who with well known personalities descending on the property from all corners of the world.

We were tasked with providing top-end entertainment for the event; event entertainment that had to reflect the themes of the occasion which were “Metamorphosis” laced with Gatsby. The resorts tag line of “Stay Unordinary” also has to be kept relevant. The line-up ultimately included contortionists from Mongolia, Aerialists, Body Painting artists and Professional Models. The contortionists were flown-in while the aerialists, artists and models were Thailand-based.

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Contortionists: For this event we flew our top contortion team in from overseas. Their performance enthralled and shocked.

Aerialists: Our team of aerialists (aerial hoops and silks) welcomed guests as they arrived.

Body Painting: We also provided models and body painters to pique the metamorphosis theme.

Artist Logistics: Complete event logistical arrangements for all our performers including flights, accommodation, ground transport, equipment and F&B – One less thing for the management to worry about.

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Provide world-class performing artists to impress a guest list of international celebrities, leaders and luminaries as well as press. The acts must fit with the resorts "Stay Unordinary" motto and the hotel grand opening's theme of Metamorphosis.


"Stay Unordinary" & "Metamorphosis" screamed contortion and we flew in one of the world's foremost acts from Mongolia to perform. They arrived in Bangkok several days prior to the event where they stayed, rehearsed and acclimatized before flying on to Phuket. With a Gatsby theme also threading through the grand opening, aerial silks was the perfect choice while we also provided professional models and body-painters to maintain the intrigue and curiosity value.


The grand opening of BB Phuket was an incredible party for all invited. We had no part in the overall organization and planning of the event and were tasked with providing booking agency services and artist management. The themes for the property and opening event were really inspirational and we feel that the line-up of artists for the evening connected and projected the themes in the best possible way. Certainly everyone at the event had an incredible experience and that is exactly what we wanted to deliver.

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