APEC CEO Summit Bangkok

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Event Title / Theme: APEC CEO Summit Bangkok 2003
Event Date: 20-21 October, 2003
Venue: Shangri La Hotel Bangkok
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Number of Attendees: 500+
Attendee Profile: APEC Business Leaders

APEC CEO Summit Bangkok Conference Management

The 2003 APEC CEO Summit was hosted at the Shangri La Hotel Bangkok & featured a speaker line-up of luminaries & business leaders including Thaksin Shinawatra (then Prime Minister of Thailand), Chinese President Hu Jintao, Russian President Vladimir Putin & more. Themed “Enhancing Human Security”, the Summit had an off-site gala dinner at BEC Tero Hall (now closed) as well as the incredible Royal Barge Procession “once-in-a-lifetime” finale on the Chao Phraya River.

ZiZ Asia wasn’t registered as a Bangkok event company until the beginning of 2009, but we have remained closely connected with many members of the team behind APEC CEO Summit to this day; the team really does form the foundation of our company, directly or indirectly. This summit, with so many moving parts, tested every ounce of our project & event management skills as well as endurance.

Summit Event Services

Our services during this high profile Bangkok conference included Venue Management, F&B, Logistics, Production, Performers & Event Entertainment, Event Staff, Collateral, Speaker Gifts, Press Conferences & more. Each phase of this multi-day conference was an event as it moved from the daytime program to evening with themed coffee breaks, poolside parties, the Summit gala dinner & breathtaking Royal Barge Procession where attendees were given front-of-house seats aboard a flotilla of river cruisers.

Venue Management

Throughout the planning phase and execution of the APEC CEO Summit, we worked very closely with all venues involved including the Shangri-La Hotel, BEC Tero Hall and the flotilla of boats that were used to accommodate the delegates during the Royal Barge Procession, right down to negotiating extraordinary docking permissions & rates.

Theme Development

Our team designed and created themes for each phase of the summit including the welcoming ceremony, conference rooms & breakout rooms, the Shangri La pool party, the Gala Dinner and the epic, once-in-a-lifetime royal barge ceremony on the Chao Phraya River.

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage received high importance from coffee break menus to each and every lunch and dinner. Our team played an integral role in helping to formulate and finalize each menu liaising with the Organizing Committee and each venues to ensure that the smallest detail had been checked. This included many meetings & food tastings with the host hotel, Thai Airways who provided the venue for the Gala Dinner & addressing the issues that still can exist today re river cruise food quality.


Our team were responsible for all production & AV Systems for the Shangri-La Poolside Party and Gala Dinner at BEC Tero Hall, showcasing Keynote Speakers, Event Entertainment, Fashion Shows and more. Although in a different era now where event production is concerned, the AV systems deployed at the time were cutting-edge and if we were to reproduce the show again today, the audience would not be disappointed.


Our crew booked & managed the Emcees and oversaw the development of all scripts involved too for both the CEO Summit and Gala Dinner.

Event Entertainment

Our team provided performers for each of the themed coffee breaks during the conference, complete with make-up, costumes & props. During the pool party at the Shangri La we constructed themed booths around the pool and arranged for the cultural artisans to occupy them; fruit carving, wood carving & more. For the Royal Barge procession we placed performers in Ayutthaya period costumes under the bridges to stand sentinel as the procession passed.

The BEC Tero Hall (now closed) was the venue for the CEO Summit Gala Dinner which featured over 100 performers comprising musicians, dancers and martial artists all coming together in a meddle for the “Security” theme. A highlight of the evening was the Thai Airways Mudmee Silk Fashion Show modelled by TG Employees. The entire evening was re-staged a year later for a Gala Dinner hosted by Thai Airways.

Event Liaison Staff

Early in the planning phase we launched a campaign to recruit a small army of “Liaison Officers” who would have a uniformed, high profile presence throughout the conference during both daytime & evening programs. Comprising male & female representatives and all multilingual, their task was to quite literally ensure that the needs of all delegates were met quickly and efficiently.

Corporate Gifts

The event committee was keen to source extremely special corporate gifts for the Keynote Speakers, Panelists & Delegates attending the Summit. Part of our brief was to help source truly unique gift options from artisans throughout the Kingdom and the results were pretty spectacular.


An extremely high profile summit attended by Heads of State & VIP's (Government Officials, Business Leaders & Luminaries). Our brief was to create a totally seamless experience for all concerned. The event was a showcase for Thailand and security extensive. We also had multiple venues to prepare and contend with; the Shangri La Hotel Bangkok, BEC Tero Hall and several of the city's larger river cruisers which had been commandeered to host the CEO's for the Royal Barge Procession epic. We had over 100 performers to manage & 2 themed coffee breaks per day on top of the daytime agenda and evening program. The Summit had many moving parts & expectations were for nothing short of perfection.


The successful execution of this Summit depended on pre-event planning which began a year ahead of time. The process began with finalizing the various venues before diving into the fine details; press conferences, menu tasting & finalization, production (theme, stage, audio & lighting), permissions & licensing, security, transport, VIP flow & protocol and on wards. We also mustered the best event personnel to join our team along with recruiting a small army of multi-lingual liaison officers. An event of this gravitas underlines two mantras which remain very much part of our daily lives today:

  1. "It's Never too Early to Start Planning"
  2. "The Devil is in the Detail"


The Summit was received well by those that attended and succeeded in projecting the best of both Bangkok & Thailand. it was an enormous amount of work but the intensity of event planning paid dividends on-site with an agenda that ran fluidly from start to finish, piqued with extraordinary & unique experiences. Short Highlights Video (link opens new tab).

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