Get answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Find out more about our Content Creation Agency & Bangkok Event Company including Content Writing, Video Content Creation, Event Design, Promotional Products & more.

“An event is one of the most powerful instruments for influencing the behaviour of the people who attend.”
Event Design Handbook – Systematically Design Innovative Events.

Content Writing

What type of content writing does ZiZ Asia offer?

Our content writers & copywriters are two separate entities. Copywriters write sales copy and are skilled at writing short, punchy content for flyers, adverts, etc. Content writers specialize in more long hand writing such as blogs, articles, white papers, etc; content that requires research but which can be a powerful sales tool.

We need a longer term content writing arrangement. Can ZiZ Asia help?

Yes certainly. For website content particularly, it is vital to post regularly and systematically. We are very open to forming 3 month, 6 month or annual agreements.

Does your content writing service include images & infographics relevant to the article?

No. Our content & copy writers can suggest possible image matches but the service does not include creating images or videos.

Fiction or Fact?

Both copywriters and content writers deal with real facts only.

What is a technical writer?

A technical writer is someone who specializes in writing manuals, instructions and other technical materials. Technical Writers normally specialize in certain industry verticals and know the right style & lingo. We do not currently offer technical writing services..

Please note, we don’t offer Technical Writing services.

Video Content

What type of video content does ZiZ Asia offer?

Our mainstream video content offering is designed to fuel audience engagement online. We produce videos geared for Brand Awareness, Engagement & Education.

Our standard video types include Teaser Videos, Sizzle Videos, Educational (whiteboard, how to, etc), product tours, presentations & more.

Why should we choose ZiZ Asia to supply Video Content?

Our objective is to provide our clients with high quality, affordable video content and our prices are extremely competitive.

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that their brief and requirements are fulfilled entirely and expectations, ideally, exceeded.

Is ZiZ Asia a Full Service Video Production House?

For marketing videos, most of our clients provide us with existing content which we combine with fully licensed stock footage to create the story. We do shoot original footage in Thailand on-request for marketing videos.

For event videos we do operate as a full service video production house, shooting on-site through to post production and delivery based on your brief and requirements.

Does ZiZ Asia offer XR (AR. MR, VR) Technologies?

Yes. We work with clients to produce all forms of Extended Reality (XR), the umbrella category that covers all the various forms of computer-altered reality, including: Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Virtual Reality (VR).

We have produced projection mapping & XR projects for events in Thailand and Indochina (through to Vietnam).

Do you offer Hologram Technologies?

Yes we do for live events including conferences, product launches & more.


What type of Photography does ZiZ Asia offer?

We offer 1) Event Photography & 2) Commercial Photography (product shots). Aside from events of all types, our photographers have extensive experience in the hospitality sector producing images for Hotels, Resorts, Private Villas, Restaurants, Food, Beverage etc.

Where are your photographers based?

Our in-house photographers are Bangkok-based but can travel throughout Thailand and beyond for assignments.

Who owns the copyright on photographs taken by your photographers?

Under international copyright laws, copyright is normally retained by the artist / photographer (or company) but with rights issued to the client for use of images. How those rights are defined by can defined, discussed and detailed on a case-by-case basis with us.

Do you offer drone photography?

Yes, we do provide drone / aerial photography but please contact us well in advance of your shoot date so that we can ensure all necessary permissions have been obtained and are in place. In Thailand, use of Drones is regulated.

We have an event in Chiang Mai. Can we book Photography Services through ZiZ Asia?

Yes. We have a regular team of Chiang Mai-based event photographers who we have worked with regularly and are proven. Alternatively we can also fly our own photographers up from Bangkok for a nominal fee.

Event Design

What type of events does ZIZ Asia produce?

We produce multi-day corporate events (conferences, seminars, meetings & corporate retreats), Promotional Events (brand activations, grand openings & product launches) & exclusive Private Parties in exotic locations.

What is Event Design?

Event design is a much misunderstood process. To some it is defined simply as stage design, lighting & audio, but these are visual elements which, although important, only constitute a very small part of the over all Event Design picture.

Event Design is about defining your stakeholders and identifying what each of their needs is. Done properly, event organizers are presented with an array of measurable marketing data. Done badly (or not at all), your event may not be memorable and you will have missed a huge marketing opportunity.

In today’s world online & offline should be conjoined and working in blissful harmony. That requires detailed event design. Contact us for a systematic approach to Event Design that works.

How far in advance should we start event design?

“It is never too early to start planning.”. For corporate events we recommend the process starts 9-12 months pre event.

Do you offer Event Rentals?

For Bangkok events and the surrounds (i.e. Pattaya, Hua Hin, Khao Yai, etc) we offer full service event rentals including stage, lighting, audio & AV of all kinds; top-class international brands supported by professional event crew. We can support events throughout Thailand with nominal shipping costs on this basis.

For events further afield (Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, etc), we work with local partner production companies.

Does your production crew speak English?

In all cases, at least one member of the Production Crew will speak fluent English and be appointed as the “Point Person” & go-to for our clients.

Does ZiZ Asia handle logistics?

Yes, for events in Thailand we offer a seamless VIP service from airport arrival to departure including Airport meet-&-greet, transfers & car hire, hotels, resorts & villa bookings, catering, theme & decor, event rentals, entertainment & more.

For VVIP’s we can provide police escorts, bodyguards, airport fast-track, chauffeured car hire, private jets, helicopter charters & many other concierge-style services.

For large groups we also offer private charters; inbound, outbound & domestic.

Please contact us with your requirements.

Do you book event entertainment?

Yes, event entertainment is actually one of our specialties. We have extensive Booking Agency experience and can secure both local & international performers & entertainers for your event, from A-List on wards.

Event Entertainment - What is a Technical Rider?

Some performers have specific requirements in order for them to perform and these are usually submitted (if required) weeks before the event. The technical rider needs to be shared with the event organizer, venue and host.

For a band, the technical rider may include stage plot, front- and backline equipment requirements (mics, mic stands, amplifiers, instruments, cables, etc), video walls, etc. The Rider can be very specific, right down to brand + model, particularly where higher profile performers are concerned.

Important to note that the Artist’s Performance Fee does not include any costs incurred from the Technical Rider.

Event Entertainment - What is a Hospitality Rider?

Higher profile performers & entertainers (bands, etc) may submit a Hospitality Rider in addition to their Technical Rider. The Hospitality Rider could detail things like class of airplane ticket, hotel standard, airport transfers requirements, dressing room requirements, etc. Requirements listed in any Hospitality Rider are not covered by the Performance Fee (they are additional expense).

For more local event entertainment you are unlikely to receive a hospitality rider although clients should budget to include free flow water & soft drinks as well as one hot meal for every 4 hours the performers are on-site at your event, plus private changing facilities (expecting performers to use the restroom to change and congregate in is not acceptable).

Promotional Products

Can ZiZ Asia Source Promotional Products for us?

Yes, certainly. We have access to a very broad supplier base who we have been working with for years now. We can source practically any promotional product you need, customize it and brand it. Please Get in Touch and tell us your requirements.

Our promotional products must be 100% sustainable. Can ZiZ Asia help?

Definitely. We can offer 100% recycled, organic & sustainable products. We can also tie some products to local communities in Thailand and Southeast Asia so that your gifts & giveaways are genuinely helping local communities.

Can we create Customized & Branded Promotional Products with ZiZ Asia?

Yes, we can brand products with logos or themes or both. In the interest of sustainability we do recommend to our clients that apparel, etc is not emblazoned with a huge logo as your audience is far less likely to use such products. We recommend developing a recognizable graphic theme whilst making your logo present but subtle.

Do you offer Shipping / Delivery / Fulfillment Services?

Yes. If you have clients that you need to ship promotional products to frequently we can store your products in our facilities in Bangkok and ship on-demand. Please Contact Us.

Do you have minimum order sizes?

Not usually but it is product dependent and if you are ordering a custom product there may well be a minimum order size. It is, however, much cheaper for you if you do place orders for large quantities. We do offer storage & fulfillment to our clients who need to send products out to clients & customers regularly.

Submitting an order for more than 100 pieces of apparel is much cheaper than say 25 pieces. We can procure branded stationery with orders of 1000 pieces far cheaper than we can lesser quantities.

Where do your promotional products come from?

Almost always our source is Thailand so no shipping costs of customs duties to pay for distribution within Thailand. There are some really amazing creators here and great products being released all the time, not to mention the cultural, hand-crafted products being produced by local communities.

Does ZiZ Asia ship promotional products overseas?

Yes. Contact us for more information on our procurement, shipping & delivery services. We offer cost effective, fast & efficient service.

About ZiZ Asia

Where is ZiZ Asia Registered?

ZiZ Asia Co Ltd is a registered company in Thailand. Out Tax Number is: 0105552025210 .

When was ZiZ Asia founded?

ZiZ Asia Co Ltd, was founded as a registered company in Thailand at the beginning of 2009.

What does ZiZ Asia do?

ZiZ Asia was originally formed as a corporate event company. We bring to the table many years of international event design & project management experience. Since forming we have remained agile and tweaked our services to ensure that we remain at the forefront of what we do whilst also providing our clients with the services they need.

Today we are more a content creation agency than pure-play event company. Why? Because events are a (very effective) form of content creation and the ingredients have to combine gracefully online. It’s an essential marriage and unity.

For further information please visit About Us.

Is ZiZ Asia 100% Thai Owned?

No. ZiZ Asia was founded by a UK National with Thai partners. We are a multi-national & multi lingual company. The majority of our clients are multi national companies & brands. We bridge language barriers in Thailand & Indochina whilst at the same time providing an international standard of service.

How can I get in touch with English Speaking Staff at ZiZ Asia?

Please complete & submit our Contact Us form and a member of staff will be back in touch with you promptly. Alternatively you can telephone us on +66 (0)2 948 2904.

We are also very happy to schedule conference calls to discuss projects on Zoom, Whatsapp, Skype or any other platform that is convenient for you.