Find Asia Event Venues to match your theme, style, purpose, budget & desired outcomes. Get the inside track on venues that meet your needs in Thailand, Myanmar & Indochina from city to sea, riverside or rural retreat.

Venue finding in Southeast Asia presents a plethora of choice; there really is, quite literally, a perfect venue for whatever your event type, size or purpose. Get in touch with the ZiZ Asia team in Bangkok with a brief about your event. Let our team create a shortlist of venues that fit your preferences, objectives & requirements.

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Finding the Right Event Venues in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) & Indochina.

Finding the right event venue can be easier said that done, particularly in this day and age when audiences are pushing back against “more-of-the-same”. Non traditional venues are seeing a huge rise in popularity over typical event spaces as authenticity becomes a far stronger keyword. The need to breakout from the hotel ivory tower and experience the destination at ground level is an ever more prevalent request.

But there has to be balance and understanding particularly in the Southeast Asia destinations that we serve. Emerging technologies (i.e. video mapping,, event apps etc) can help to set the ambiance and tone immediately, but if a high-tech event is your goal, the venue shortlist needs to be filtered to include other factors too; venue type, style & location, budget, F&B, technology, accessibility, flexibility …

The ZiZ Asia Event Venue Finding Service – It’s Free

ZiZ Asia offers a free event venue finding service throughout Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Indochina … Laos, Cambodia & Vietnam. As we specialise in corporate events our focus is on service standards and, therefore, more upper end venues whose service standards we know and trust to deliver superior hospitality, tailored F&B and, above all, complete satisfaction.

Contact us to help find the perfect venue for your next special event, conference or corporate retreat. We will help you find the perfect event venue based on your requirements and the appropriate experience you wish for your audience.

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Our venue finding service covers Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India & Bhutan. We help source venues in hotels & resorts, restaurants & more.

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