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Contact ZiZ Asia Events in Bangkok for Event Logistics Services & Support in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The operational side of events all comes down to meticulous planning and vendor management. Let’s get it right together.

Event Management Thailand: From Destinations & Venues to Intimate & Immersive Experiences.

To deliver exemplary event management today we need to start at the end and then rewind to the beginning. At the end point we need to clearly define your desired outcomes (our client) and the series of appropriate experiences to be delivered during the event’s life cycle that will achieve those outcomes and, with meticulous planning, exceed both your expectations and those of your audience too.

We live in a fast moving, complex and mutating landscape but the demands of today’s corporate audience include authenticity at the forefront which, in turn, distills connections. So the venue becomes a critically important decision; its ability to deliver a multi-sensory, immersible & shareable experience. We then move into event design, use of technology, sustainability, operations and logistics, co-creation &, ultimately, engagement.

Inspiring Events that Drive Change & Strengthen Relationships

ZiZ Asia offers full service event management in Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia. We can also help you with any component or element of your event from process mapping to identify the touch-points that will dictate the level of event technology required to production, operations, logistics & on wards. We will help you design, create and execute events that inspire and educate audiences, drive change and strengthen relationships.

Event Services

  • Event Logistics
  • Vendor Management
  • Theme Development
  • Production Equipment
  • Event Rentals
  • Audience & Show Management
  • Security Plan & Staffing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Airport Services
  • Transport & Lodging
  • Talent Sourcing & Management
  • Video Production
  • Show Flows / Run of Show
  • Floorplans
  • Gift Sourcing / Procurement
  • Signage & Brand Integrity
  • Budget Management

Our Capabilities

Event Management

We are a full service event company in Thailand, able to provide overall event management support or individual elements to enhance audience engagement and surpass your desired outcomes in Thailand, Myanmar & Indochina.

Event Entertainment

With a dynamic in-house event entertainment agency, we offer performing artists and interactive entertainment for all occasions. Our team can help match your event, based on your desired outcomes, with the right experiences.


Combining event management and entertainment, our team is poised to help you devise engaging experiential strategies and a range of live events to generate brand awareness and enable you to connect with your audience in unique, memorable ways.

Let’s Get Organised
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No special event or live marketing campaign is too big or too small for us and nor are we choosy about the amount of services we offer; full event management, a stage act, an event rental or sourcing & procurement of goods … we are happy to assist and look forward to hearing from you.

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