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ZiZ Asia Event Management
Serving big brands with agile startup creativity.

Here at ZiZ Asia we like to think that we think a little differently to the crowd; more laterally, perhaps even more out-of-the-box. We are a comparatively small company, but big on creativity. We are Bangkok-based but have a seasoned regional network of partners. Our roadmap has five guiding principles:

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Be swift, agile and abundant

The formula behind winning together today is about being adaptable, innovative and relentlessly productive. We are a small company by design and this ensures that we are able to keep agile and free from any cumbersome constraints that larger companies may be burdened with. We are able to alter course fast and whilst doing so maintain project momentum to reach the destination, goals and objectives on time and on target.

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Get personal, be different, be SMART

Events are a brand creation or extension and personalisation is a critical component of successful audience engagement. Our energy is channeled into producing events that identify and differentiate you and your brand. Maintaining momentum without spinning wheels is key and we work with you to define SMART objectives that produce a clear roadmap and vision. We are only as good as our last event and if your event fails to meet its objectives, we haven’t done our job.

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Event "Agency"

We are proud to be an “agency” offering event management and a comprehensive portfolio of services to our clients hosting events throughout Thailand, Indochina and as far east as China. We have an extensive black book of strong partnerships in the region including fellow agencies of various types, production houses, designers, performing artists, video producers and more. This enables us to put together the best possible team for your event be it in Bangkok, Bagan or Beijing.

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Be Soulful

Live events have the ability to pique all five senses, to move people emotionally in ways that they didnt anticipate or expect. “Soul” is the difference between the audience “feeling” the experience and not just seeing it; it is the difference between “good” and “great”. Our interest is in producing events that people will feel.

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Play Hard!

The old adage “Work Hard, Play Hard” reverberates in our office but with extra stress placed on “Play Hard”. The spoken and written word is out on the subject of “playing”, not least Sir Ken Robinson’s brilliant top-rated TEDx Talk addressing “Do schools kill creativity“. Playing spurs curiosity which fuels creativity. Creativity is an essential component in innovation and innovative interaction is what we strive to provide our clients, taking their events to the next level.

About ZiZ Asia

An event management company in Bangkok, ZiZ Asia was founded at the beginning of 2009. Evolving with the global event industry, our mission is to offer a blend of the very latest event technology and entertainment, Read more ...