Our Story

Our story begins in the UK & a journey that has taken us to the USA, the Middle East & throughout Asia. Career project managers, we specialize in content creation; media, events & entertainment. Our path has been piqued with inspiring challenges & encounters; governments, business titans, luminaries, brands, agencies, performers & facilitators.

“Experience is not what happens to us; it is what we do with what happens to us.” – Adapted quote from Aldous Huxley, Texts & Pretexts: An Anthology With Commentaries

ZiZ Asia was registered and launched in Thailand as an event company at the beginning of 2009. Our mission is to deliver immersive & interactive experiences that shape beliefs, inspire action & transform performance. We design events based on predefined desired outcomes & plan with precision. We are a Bangkok event company & creative experience agency passionate about activating ideas, creating remarkable experiences & delivering measurable success.

Adrian Gwyn-Evans

Adrian Gwyn-Evans

Director & Founder of ZiZ Asia Co Ltd

From the UK, Adrian’s first soiree in Thailand was in 1997, working for one of the Kingdom’s most established agencies in Bangkok. With the Asian financial crisis of 1997, round 1 was to be relatively short lived. He returned to London and worked with Earls Court & Olympia, P&O Events (later Clarion Events) & EMAP PLC before being invited to return to Thailand by the same agency.

In 2001, Adrian was part of Ford Model’s “Supermodel of Thailand” management team which took contestants to New York before returning to Thailand for the finale. In 2003, Adrian was Associate Producer on the APEC CEO Summit management team. This high profile project was a career catalyst & one where he met many event personalities who remain allies today.

A seasoned project manager, Adrian has worked with government agencies as well as some of the world’s most prominent business leaders & brands. He has been permanently based in Thailand since returning to the Kingdom in 2001 & founded ZiZ Asia at the beginning of 2009.

His passions include music, performing arts, emerging technologies, photography, exploring Asia, food, wine & fun.

Why Work With Us?

As a content creation agency, we focus on Vision + Strategy + Design.

To consistently deliver this formula takes Skilled Planning & Project Management which form the backbone of ZiZ Asia.

Events are, by definition, vehicles that should create changes in behaviour & be memorable. To achieve this we need to systematically create interactive experiences that shape beliefs, inspire action and/or transform performance. It all begins with the event’s stakeholders:

  • All Stakeholders – Seek unique access to connections, time & space to develop deeper connections & take-homes that address their personal needs & interests which can be implemented in professional and/or personal lifestyles.
  • The Event’s Executive – Clearly defined opportunity to present a message to stimulate retention and/or new supporters. Profit is also likely a key driver;
  • Sponsors – Opportunities to elevate their brand, access new markets, clients & customers, meet with senior executives who may otherwise be difficult to access.
  • Audience – An opportunity that presents access to actionable information & meaningful connections, high level performances & networking face-to-face among peers. Audiences are expecting to encounter experiences that they can share via social media to build their profile & influence.

To meet the needs of all stakeholders, we design flows that engage all the senses with a formula developed to create unique & memorable experiences. We use time, venues, spaces, emerging technologies, sound, lighting, music, food, culture & access to many trusted partners & resources to create experiences that build trust & loyalty through meaningful interactions.

This is what sets us apart from other event companies.


Our Clients

ONE Championship


White & Case

Young Presidents’ Organisation (YPO)

Harvard Business School Association of Thailand (HBSATh)

Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Content Writing

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Graphic Design

Use our graphic design & visual marketing services to develop designs that reflect your brand's identity, tells your story & strengthens brand engagement.

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Commission Video Clips & Animations for Awareness, Engagement & Education. Video Marketing is more important than ever today.

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Promotional Products

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How We Do It

Today’s event designers need to be part psychologist cum profiler, business consultant cum project manager, technology consultant cum first adopter, booking agent cum artist manager, broad spectrum designers & innovators, experts in production, portals to supply chains & on wards.

It’s a juggling act that we are rather good at.


Defining People & Personas

Event design starts with defining the people involved (the stakeholders); executive, staff, vendors, sponsors, press, participants & others.

From here we can shortlist the primary stakeholder groups before in order or priority before creating personas for each of them. The objective is to establish want motivates each of the stakeholder groups; what excites them.

Personas help to nail down their individual characteristics & preferences which enables us to craft messaging designed to resonate with them specifically.


Personas & Primary Objectives

To deliver effective experience designs we need a thorough, crystal clear, understanding of the objectives for each persona group; what they are looking for, what motivates them. Only then can we deliver what they need.

During this phase we take a deep dive into each of the persona groups, identifying what challenges & needs each of them have. The ultimate goal is to discover what success would look like for each of the target groups.

Once we have established this we then lay down a strategy and timeline with milestones to fulfill these visions of success.


Shrewd Event Budgeting

The business end of events and every event is like a micro business. This step is about understanding the event budget from top to toe and allocating precious budget to the areas that matter most.

From basic event budgeting; total cash required, income forecast and break-even point, our management team converts estimates to actual confirmed and committed figures. All event budgets should have a built-in contingency to cover any shortfalls and our budget management accounts for this.


Getting the Experience Mix Right

An experience is a process that involves a combination of different factors and elements. This is the creative phase and where careful planning is essential.

This is about charting the journey for each persona – they won’t be the same. The journey of the speakers will be different to sponsors which will be different to participants. Mapping the flow for each persona is critical to creating memorable events that achieve desired outcomes.

We map out the various touchpoints in each space whilst infusing brand alignment and messaging along with little touches that build to more impactful experiences. We look for ways to keep the experience tangible in ways that help bring your brand to life.

Technology is advancing at an electrifying pace and can be used in so many ways to enhance touchpoints, infuse interactivity & shape journeys to consistently shape beliefs, inspire action & transform performance.


The Experience Vision

What is success going to look like for each of the persona groups (Stakeholders)? Here we take a sneak peek with visuals & 3D imaging to show physical design, production elements and layouts.

These visuals are a really useful component for the planning team, staff & vendors. They also make it possible for us to get a real feel for what the stakeholders emotions will be at each touchpoint along the journey; what we expect them to hear, feel, taste, touch and where. What behaviour changes we are expecting to see post event (and how).


Value & Measurable Success

Finding the right tools to measure results from the chosen objectives in phase 2. This is about delivering value back to you, our client.

Transforming performance and inspiring behaviour change can often be a more long-term objective. By appointing the right measurement tools for the job, we can track value to a specific persona enabling year-on-year improvement.

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