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About Us

ZiZ Asia was registered as a Bangkok event company in 2009. Our clients include government agencies, associations, organisations, brands & private individuals. With our in-house Booking Agency for Musicians & Talent & passion for technology, we have a reputation for immersive experiences that engage audiences.

“An event is one of the most powerful instruments for influencing the behaviour of the people who attend.”
Event Design Handbook – Systematically Design Innovative Events.

Our Objective

An event management company in Bangkok, ZiZ Asia was founded at the beginning of 2009. Evolving with the global event industry, our mission is to offer a blend of cutting-edge event technology, performing artists, creative design and communications in a package or on an à la carte basis.

Through event entertainment, we are geared for high impact, measurable audience engagement.


What gets us up each morning is the surety that we will be getting close n’ personal with our clients to fully understand their goals and objectives, functioning as an extension of their team. Our work continues to bring us alongside some of the world’s foremost political and business leaders and many of the clients we work with today have roots going back to campaigns in 2001 and Summits in 2003.

We never underestimate our clients; audience engagement and perception is always at the forefront of our mind.

“Brands today are what people say they are and the tide can change very fast.”

Our People

The founder of ZiZ Asia has been based in Thailand permanently since 2001 and is a career-long event producer and project manager. We are proud to be surrounded by a caliber of people who do deliver excellence. Well established in the market, we have the scale, knowledge and experience to provide you with a seamless event service; event planning, account management, event production, logistics and more. We manage and produce events throughout Indochina to China itself.

We Are Very Curious

Curiosity fuels Creativity, Creativity fuels Innovation, Innovation is Knowledge.
It is this formula that is the backbone of our company and values:


It is our passion for this formula that drives us to consistently push boundaries to deliver out-of-the-ordinary excellence to our clients and inspiring partner relations.